Mississippi & Tennessee Gujarati Hindu Wedding Photographer: Jessica + Jignesh Pithi: Part 1 of 4

This is a long overdue post, but one that is definitely worth the wait. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing and grand this out of state Gujarati wedding was. Sonia and I are delighted and honored to share this beautiful journey of Jessica & Jignesh’s colorful wedding with dazzlingly decor and full of traditional rituals. Their wedding was a unique combination of Class and Elegance which made it a sheer delight. Wedding included many ceremonies and so many beautiful memories which is hard to cover in just one post, so we have decided to divide the post into 4 parts so you can enjoy all of their events.

Beginning with the first ceremony, Pithi at Jignesh’s house in Jackson Mississippi:

Pithi is the paste that is applied to both groom and bride in their own respected homes during this ceremony. Pithi is a mixture of turmeric, chickpea flour, rose water and few other ingredients. It is applied to the face, hands and legs to prepare both the bride and groom for the holy matrimony. The immediate families are the ones that perform this ceremony. It is said that Pithi which is also called haldi has medicinal value. It’s considered to be excellent for the skin. After Jignesh’s Pithi ceremony everyone enjoyed good food and sang festive songs. We really had a great time capturing this ceremony.

Here are some of the images. Enjoy!



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