Mississippi & Tennessee Gujarati Hindu Wedding Photographer: Jessica + Jignesh Wedding: Part 3 of 4

The Wedding day!

Sweet scent of fresh, warm summer air. It was an early start and a long 7 hour journey from Jackson, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee where the wedding and Reception would take place. 7 buses were ready to get the entire Jaan (Baraat) on board to Nashville, Tennessee . Excitement was in the air, everyone was so happy . Getting that many people in the 7 buses was not an easy task but with a great planning from the groom’s side all 600 people got on board. Bus engines were on and everyone was seated comfortably and we started the journey at the crack of dawn roughly around 4:30 in the morning. Everyone was having a great time! We made one stop at the Swami Narayan Mandir for about an hour then back on the road to Nashville. By the way we were in bus # 5, the bus packed with entertainment and we must say it was an absolute fun 7 hour ride that we didn’t even realize how quickly we reached our destination Marriott Highland Ridge in Nashville, Tennessee.

The forecast for that day was all day rain and we were hoping and praying for the rain to stop during the baraat procession so Jignesh the groom could have his grand entrance into the baraat very elegantly in a Helicopter. Believe it or not our prayer were heard and we were blessed with 15 min. of no rain and it endedup up being an amazing baraat procession with grooms family and friends dancing to the beat of the dhols along with Jignesh’s grand entrance in a helicopter. He was greeted by his Sister and brother-in-law and their 2 lovely kids in a colorful ricksha with a ride and to the ceremony hall, the rain gods blessed the families with light showers as Jaan (Baraat) reached the Wedding hall. Wow! it was an amazing sight.

We are very excited to share the story from the Bride and the groom about the journey of their love story:

Our Story

The best marriages involve three people: The husband, The wife, and God

A set of text messages that changed their lives forever…

Jignesh: Hey this is Jignesh

Jessica back home studying for her finals receives Jignesh’s text. Surprised
to see Jignesh’s text, Jessica gathered some courage and sent a text message

Jessica: Hey! What’s up?

Jignesh breathed a sigh of relief to receive a text in return…

In a spur of a moment a courageous text by Jignesh is where it all began

Texting soon turned into phone conversations

As time went on Jignesh wanted to meet Jessica so he tried to figure out
ways to meet Jessica without getting rejected by her. On April 2nd, 2012
opportunity struck his doorstep. Kentucky was going to play Kansas in the
NCAA championship title game. Jignesh decided to come up with a friendly bet
in a round about way. Jignesh was rooting for Kentucky as he knew Kentucky
would get the win, while Jessica was rooting for Kansas.

Jignesh: Since we’re rooting for opposing teams I have an idea. How about we
make a friendly bet if you’re down?

Jessica: Sure, why not. What’s the bet?

Jignesh: hmm I was thinking if Kansas wins I stop eating meat for a week,
which you know is quite a big challenge for me, BUT…if Kentucky wins I
come out to see you.

Jessica: That sounds good to me…considering it’s a win, win situation for

Jignesh: Okay cool, then it’s on.

Sure enough Kentucky won…at this point Jignesh called Jessica

Jignesh: Check your email

Jessica: You gotta be kidding me, you already booked your ticket for next
week without checking in with me??

Jignesh: 😉

Jignesh arrived in Portland April 12th, 2012

As expected both Jignesh and Jessica were super nervous and anxious not
knowing if they’d click in person. Jessica picked Jignesh up from the
airport and they both headed towards their hotel in Downtown Portland.
Jessica was so nervous she missed an exit. Jignesh noticed that Jessica was
panicking, and thus offered to drive. At this point Jessica thought it was
best to hand over the wheel and from then on Jignesh took over.

People who know Jignesh know that he’s very particular about what he wants
and how he wants things done. Jignesh had planned the entire weekend out for
the both of them, which was a total surprise for Jessica.

Jignesh took Jessica to watch Ovo-Cirque du Soleil show that evening.
Followed by tickets to the Blazers vs. Mavericks game the next day.
Everything just seemed so natural and perfect. It was as if they had met for
the 100th time rather than the first. To sum it up…it was really love at
first sight.

On April 13th, 2012 while driving to the airport Jignesh looked Jessica in
the eyes and asked her, are you ready to tell our parents about us, and for
this to turn from sane to insane in a matter of months? Without any doubt in
mind Jessica nodded yes! As you all know the rest is history.



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