Cozumel Mexico Destination Indian Wedding Photographer: Sonya + Ankit Gujarati Wedding

A destination dream wedding of Sonya & Ankit on board Carnival Elation Cruise Ship from New Orleans to Cozumel Mexico!

The 5 day journey started from New Orleans with 300 of their closest family and friends to enjoy extravagant wedding events on board the cruise ship. All the pre-wedding and wedding events took place on the ship before reaching Cozumel Mexico 2 days after we departed. Both of them looked so amazing that all the eyes were on them and it seemed as they were the star of the ship with everyone stopping them to take a picture and were mesmerized by their beautiful wedding outfit.

On day 3 we reached the port in Cozumel, and I must say the view was breathtaking! Blue skies, crystal clear water, warm breeze, and just the perfect temperature to jump in the water and enjoy the day at the beach. We took a taxi to a more private beach location so we can get some great shots of Sonya and Ankit.

Day 4 was their beautiful reception. We had so much fun capturing there pre-reception pictures throughout the ship. There was lots of dancing and fun performance by family and friends.

Day 5 we headed back to New Orleans after an amazing wedding festivities!

Both Sonia and I had an amazing time capturing their wedding events along with enjoying the perks of being on the cruise ship. We will cherish these memories for a long time.

We would like to share a beautiful love story of Sonya & Ankit in their own words:

In July of 2012, the beginning of our love story consisted of messaging back and forth while I was in England visiting family for three weeks. It was a little strange and difficult, but I found myself frantically searching for Wi-Fi, waiting for his texts and trying to hide my smiles as I read them. He seemed to feel the same way considering he would message me back all night even though he was out of data for the month.

The more we talked, the more we liked each other and the more we wanted to meet in person. Probably the scariest part about finally taking the relationship from digital to real time was the connection. Would it be awkward when we were talking, face-to-face? What if he/she was too tall, too short, fat, skinny, too loud or too quiet? What if he/she didn’t like what they see? We let our nervousness grow for a month, only to find that we were the same individuals standing in front of each other as we were when we sent all those sweet messages. As we quickly won over each other’s hearts and our family & closest friends, we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for all along.

We continue to grow together and learn a little something new about each other everyday. Our marriage and our life keeps us laughing, constantly busy, and always working towards our “happily-ever-after”.

From our first meeting, to our wedding day, to present day, it has never been simple or easy. But, it has always been worth it and will always be our version of perfect.



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